listening to band of horses and writing feminist theory foreverrrrr

mailmen have probably seen so much. 

when you smile the sun it peaks through the clouds

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challah & nutella & frozen bananas & coffee & almond milk & chai & ice & band of horses & sunshine 

"The ultimate post-modern city, by contrast, chance encounters are minimized in an environment stereotyped as one of segregation and fear, surveillance and control. Simultaneously changing technologies and the pressures of consumerism- selling ‘experiences’ as products ensures the triumph of image and unreality over ‘authenticity’ in place."

- Anna Minton - The Privatization of Public Space. (via socio-logic)

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CollegeHumor: The 10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every All-Nighter

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if i were somebody else and i knew myself i would really want to be on my good side because i would know that if i wasn’t i would be immortalized as the villain of a thousand poems 

i guess i’ll sleep when i’m dead? this is not by choice.